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Papier   Mache   Halloween   Decorations!  

General Papier Mache Instructions:
Mix equal parts of Dry Laundry Starch and very Cold Water.
Mix thoruoghly.
Let stand until thick.
Tear newspaper into very small pieces.
Dip paper pieces into starch mixture.
Use a balloon as a shape mold.
Or a milk carton for a builing.
An old paper towel roll.
Just use you Imagination.
Let your creation dry for 2 or 3 days.
(depends on your climate)
Paint with acrylic paints.
Place on a shelf in your room.

Spooky   Spider!

Cover one balloon using the general Papier Mache Instructions. Make sure to let it dry hard! Paint the hard surface with black tempera paint. Affix 8 black pipe cleaners with clear packing tape or a durable clear glue. Add white stickers for eyes or cut them out of white conmstruction paper and attach with glue. Hang spider from the ceiling with black yarn or string.


Use the general instructions for Papier Mache to creat the body in whatever size you wish. Let dry thoroughy. Paint the balloon with orange tempera paint. When orange paint is dry use other colors to paint the eyes, nose, and mouth any way you wish. Do not use candles inside!

Ghastly   Ghost!

Cover a balloon in papier mache using the general instructions above. Let dry thoroughly. Paint hard balloon surface using white tempera paint. Let Dry! Paint eyes onto ghost using black tempera paint. Cut strips of white tissue paper and attach to the bottom of the head. Use clear tape or glue to attach. Hang from ceiling with clear fishing line.

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