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Feats Of Skill Den4 Activities!

We will be conducting the following at a Den meeting During the month of Fitness And Sports which will be our January Theme:

1. Play catch at 10 steps away.
2. Walk on a board 6 steps forward and 6 steps backwards. Sideways also.
3. Do a Front Roll.
4. Do a Back Roll.
5. Do a Falling Forward Roll.

*The above are all requirements. One elective must be chosen from the following:

1. Jump High.
2. Elephant Walk.
3. Frog Leap.
4. Crab Walk.
5. Using a a basketball or similar: Do a Baseball Pass, Chest Pass, Bounce Pass.
6. Frog Stand.
7. Run or Jog for 10 minutes. Or Jog in place for 5 minutes.

Our Activities During This Theme will be the following:

1. Field Trip: Bowling!
2. Craft: Make a Growth Chart!
3. Weather Permitting a hike at the Nature Center! Or Visiting a Fitness Center as the alternate!
4. We will hold an indoor sports tournament!

Den4 Pack29

Hickory Hills Elementary
Springfield, MO
United States

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