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Keep Your Body Healthy Den Activities!

This Wolf Badge Requirement will be covered in the theme month of October Prepare For Emergencies:

1. Seven Rules of Health:
A. Bathe once a day.
B. Wash hands before meals and after using the toilet.
C. Brush Teeth before bed and after breakfast. Rinse after lunch and snacks.
D. Drink six to eight glasses of Water per day.
E. Eat Foods from all of the food groups.
F. Run and Play outdoors. (excercise)
G. Get enough sleep.
2. Three ways to stop the spread of colds.
A. Stay away from people.
B. Get lots of rest.
C. Turn your head to cough or sneeze. Cover your mouth and nose.
D. Wash hands often.
3. Show what to do for a small cut.
A. Tell a grown-up.
B. Let the cut bleed a little.
C. Wash it with soap.
D. Cover the cut with a bandage.

Den activities during Prepare For Emergencies Theme:

1. Do a bike safety check!
2. Prepare a meal in case of emergency!
3. Make a Basic First Aid Chart!
4. Discuss Behavior around Strangers! (skit)
5. Health Professional visit.
6. Field Trip: Fire Station!

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