As I stated before; I am very new to scouting and I'm learning along the way. There is so much to do and fun we can have. Scouting combines learning and fun together. However, I do hope that the boys and parents know that it does take time and commitment as with any acheivement based activity requires. In fact maybe even more than some but I believe the experience is wel worth the effort. I am certainly willing to make the time and effort for all of the boys and since my son's disability has made other physical activities impossible I am even more motivated. Please, chat with your son and go through the book together and see what a wonderfyul and intensive program scouting is for all involved. It is also a BobCat requirement that you and your son go over the child abuse section. When you have completed this with your son pleases sign that section in the book so he will get credit for the activity.

Information For Cub Scout Parents!


1. Meeting every Friday afterschool through October.

2.Let me know if you want to change the meeting day to Wednesday after Mighty Mite season is over. However, I need for it to be Wed. or Fri.

3.The first meeting of the month we will accept cans from you when you pick up your son this will be a way for them to earn craft money for the den. We will take them at the next meeting since this note is a little late for this month.

4. See the Pack form for dates and information on pack meetings.

5. Don't forget to send any of the supplies we requested. Especially paint shirts, coffee cans and Juice cans.

Thank you! Den4 Leader

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