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Kid Koncepts!

This page is designed to cover issues concerning kids. Please let us know what concerns you and the ideas you have about these issues. No promises are being made except perhaps we can get noticed.

Recommend this Site to a Friend The Easy Way!

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Here are some topics we would like to cover. However, please do not feel limited to these. Share your own also.Click on the topic to comment.

*Teen Pregnancy
*School Violence
*Drug Use Prevention
*Internet Use
*What To Do In The Summer
*Do Public Schools Offer The Education Your Looking For?
*Sports Programs In Public Schools(Are They Fair)
*Do Boys Get A Better Education Than Girls?
*Dating:How Is It Different Now Than For Your Parents?
*Do Parents Have Double Standards?
*AIDS (Does It Scare You?)

Back To School!

Lot's of tips for Back To School! From Shopping to preparation! Take a Look!


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