More On Composting With The Red Wiggler!

Red Wigglers need bedding material. Remember Red Wigglers do not like dirt. Only about a cup of sand or dirt is needed per bin to aid in digestion.

You need to start out with a bottom layer of bedding about 3 inches in depth. Your bedding needs to be very moist but not saturated.

Bedding Materials Include:

*Shredded newspaper without colored ink

*Shredded computer paper


*Old leaves

*Shredded cardboard

*Peat moss

*Lawn clippings

*Soil-less-potting soil

*Hardwood sawdust

Any of the above bedding materials or any combination will create a perfect environment. Make sure to check the moisture level often as your worms need moisture for survival. Do not use water containing salt as from a water softener unit. Red Wigglers love to eat. They eat a large variety of items. However, they are vegetarians therefore stay away from meat and dairy products.
Suggested Food Items Include:




*Coffee grinds and the paper filter

*Shredded newpaper

*Vacuum cleaner dust and the paper dust bag

*Crushed egg shells (also work to keep the acid under contol)

*Bread slices

2 pounds of worms process about 7 pounds of garbage per week.

Change bedding often and harvest your worm castings. A good indicator for changing your bedding is when the newspaper is no longer recognizeable.

There are several ways to harvest your worm castings.

One way is to pile up your bedding in a triangular fashion. Then shine a very bright light over the top. The worms will scurry to the bottom as they race from the light which they detest. Remove the castings layer by layer. Rescue your wigglers and their eggs. Refill with fresh bedding.

Secondly, you can simply push the old bedding and castings to one side and create new bedding and food on the other side of your worm bin. Eventually your worms will migrate to the new bedding. This leaves the castings to one side for easy harvesting.



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